LES FORD | Principal Vanadium Process Engineer

(Vanadium and Metallurgical Consultant)

Les is a Chemical Engineer and a career long Vanadium specialist and has worked in the Vanadium industry for over 4 decades. Les has held positions such as Technical Manager, General Manager, Lead Process Engineer, Technical and Marketing Director, Managing Director, and many other technical / executive roles.

Les commenced his career in Vanadium at Highveld Steel Vantra facility as the chief Chemist before taking on various technical, management and executive roles. Les subsequently joined Xstrata Alloys and fulfilled the roles of Marketing Director Vantech, Technical and Marketing Director and Group Technical Director Vanadium. During his time at Xstrata Les was responsible for plant design, optimisation, layout, project evaluations and environmental compliance. Les was involved with Windamurra from 2005 to 2008 where he was a Principal Consultant responsible for redesign of the Windimurra Vanadium plant, correcting previous deficiencies, increasing production and introducing the ferro-vanadium circuit.


Most recently Les held key positions within Largo Resources including Senior Vice President and Technical Director. Les’s key responsibilities were design and operation of pilot plant facility, local process training, plant design, commissioning and ramp up, and ongoing operations support. Les is the Principal Vanadium Process Engineer for the St Elmo Vanadium Project.