Multicom, with its environmental consulting partner Epic Environmental, is developing a comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The EIS is the overarching approvals document that will address critical matters across State and Commonwealth legislation, as well as providing opportunities for public comment. Supporting Epic Environmental is a team of highly experienced technical consultants with demonstrated experience across the range of matters relevant for the project.


As an emerging battery mineral, Vanadium will play a major part in the continuing development of clean and sustainable energy. Through the St Elmo Project, Multicom will lead the emergence of Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries and in doing so will retain a strategic focus on sustainable operations.


As a core value, Multicom will ensure that it is positively contributing to society and the environment.  Implementation of initiatives that result in community benefits, environmental enhancements and reduced consumption of water, power and reagents will be a focus and can commence in the development phase. 

Success with these initiatives is imperative to ensuring ongoing alignment with the values of our business, project stakeholders and our strategic offtake partners and investors.